Fiberglass Insulation

Fiberglass insulation has been a standard for over 70 years. It is a cost-effective, energy-saving insulation that continues to be a benefit to the environment by helping to reduce pollution emissions.

Fiberglass batts and rolls do not settle over time, are naturally non-combustible because they are made from sand and recycled glass, and require no additional fire-retardant chemical treatments. Fiberglass insulation is not absorbent and if exposed to moisture will not wick up or hold water. It will dry out and retain its original R-value.

Fiberglass insulation was first produced in 1938 by the Owens Corning Company - the world's number one producer of fiberglass to this day. Eagle Rock Insulation uses only Owens Corning PINK Fiberglas™ insulation in our fiberglass insulation services.

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